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Hankook Tires Ventus ST RH06

  • Hankook Tires Ventus ST RH06 255/50R17 101W BSW
    Price for TIRE ONLY
    Rim depicted in image NOT INCLUDED


    Type: CUV/SUV
    Style: Ventus ST RH06
    Feature: Directional tread pattern. Wide contact footprint. Computer-optimized tread

    The Hankook Ventus ST RH06 is an all-season passenger SUV tire designed for long mileage and crisp performance in all weather conditions. It is optimized for wear resistance, low tread noise, and a comfortable ride overall.

    Hankook Tires
    Hankook Tires - A Speed Revolution! With innovative technology exclusive to Hankook Tire, enjoy a stable, high-speed ride even in wet conditions. More Performance! The best 'stability of steering' and 'brake performance' that you can find.

    Hankook Tires Website

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Buy Tire Size Part No UTQG Rating Speed Rating Load Rating Warranty Per Tire Add To Cart
255/50R17 HT-1004322 420AA W 101 50,000 Miles $118.08
265/35R22 HT-1004914 420AA W 102 50,000 Miles $166.35
265/40R22 HT-1007457 420AA V 106 50,000 Miles $174.28
275/40R20 HT-1004328 420AA W 106 50,000 Miles $125.19
275/45R20 HT-1004296 420AA V 109 50,000 Miles $125.87
275/45R22 HT-1008409 420AA V 112 50,000 Miles $162.51
275/55R20 HT-1004295 420AA V 117 50,000 Miles $129.66
275/60R17 HT-1003968 420AA V 110 50,000 Miles $136.03
285/45R22 HT-1007301 420AA V 114 50,000 Miles $193.19
295/45R18 HT-1004324 420AA V 108 50,000 Miles $189.57
295/45R20 HT-1004231 420AA V 114 50,000 Miles $154.43
305/40R22 HT-1005412 420AA V 114 50,000 Miles $171.43
305/45R22 HT-1004712 420AA V 118 50,000 Miles $170.98
Hankook Tires Information
Hankook Tires
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