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What Are The Top 285/45R22 Tire Brands Out Right Now?

Are you looking to upgrade your tires to the 285/45R22 size or looking for a set of replacement tires? At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have a large selection of tires in this size. To make your search a bit easier, we compiled a brief list of the best 285 45R22 tires. This is only a small sample of our extensive collection of tires in the 285 45R22 size and we recommend that you take some time to browse more of our selection that is available!

1. First, we want to highlight the Continental Tires-VikingContact 7. This tire is engineered with a Nordic compound that promotes water evacuation and 3-D sipes that generate biting edges which provide optimal grip in treacherous weather. We also recommend this tire because of its Grip Edges that gives you a safe ride in winter weather.

2. Next, we recommend one of our favorite budget brands, Cooper Tires. Their Discoverer Rugged Trek is a sturdy, all-season tire that is formulated to ensure extended tread life. This tire features Cooper’s Stable Trac technology which amplifies on road traction, stability and controllability. As an added bonus, the Discoverer Rugged Trek has Earth Digger’s technology engineered into the tire’s shoulder, which ensures optimal traction on loose surfaces making this the perfect tire for our customers who enjoy off-roading.

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  1. Advantage T/A Sport LT 2 items
  2. Alenza AS Ultra 2 items
  3. Avalanche TT 1 item
  4. Baja Boss A/T 1 item
  5. CF1100 1 item
  6. Capricorn UHP 1 item
  7. Cavalry UHP 1 item
  8. Celsius II 2 items
  9. Courser Quest Plus 2 items
  10. Cross Climate 2 A/W 2 items
  11. CrossClimate 2 1 item
  12. CrossContact LX25 2 items
  13. Crosstek2 1 item
  14. Crugen HP71 2 items
  15. Crugen HT51 2 items
  16. Custom Built Radial SCT2 Gold Stripe 2 items
  17. Custom Built Radial SCT2 Red 3 items
  18. DS8 UHP A/S 1 item
  19. Defender LTX M/S 3 items
  20. Destination A/T2 2 items
  21. Destination LE3 2 items
  22. Dimax AS-8 1 item
  23. Discoverer AT3 4S 6 items
  24. Discoverer SRX 5 items
  25. Dueler H/L Alenza 2 items
  26. Dynapro AT2 Extreme RF12 3 items
  27. Dynapro AT2 RF11 1 item
  28. Dynapro HT RH12 5 items
  29. Eagle Sport All-Season 2 items
  30. Eagle Touring 4 items
  31. Edge HT 2 items
  32. Encounter HT2 1 item
  33. Endeavor Plus 6 items
  34. Geolandar A/T G015 2 items
  35. Geolandar H/T G056 2 items
  36. Glacier MSR 1 item
  37. Grabber APT 1 item
  38. Grabber HTS60 2 items
  39. HS266 2 items
  40. Highway 1 item
  41. Impero 1 item
  42. Klever H/T2 KR600 1 item
  43. Kunimoto F28 1 item
  44. LGS87 2 items
  45. LH-Ten 1 item
  46. LX-Thirty 1 item
  47. Lion Sport 3 2 items
  48. NT420V 1 item
  49. NT421Q 4 items
  50. Nexen Roadian GTX 1 item
  51. Open Country A/T III 2 items
  52. Open Country H/T II 1 item
  53. Open Country Q/T 6 items
  54. Open Country R/T 3 items
  55. Open Country R/T Trail 1 item
  56. Open Country RT 1 item
  57. Parada Spec-X 1 item
  58. Recon Grappler A/T 4 items
  59. Ridge Grappler 3 items
  60. Roadian ATX 3 items
  61. Roadian GTX 2 items
  62. Roadian HP 4 items
  63. Roadian HTX2 3 items
  65. SU318 HWY 1 item
  66. Scorpion Verde A/S 3 items
  67. Scorpion Weatheractive 1 item
  68. Terra Hunter X/T 1 item
  69. TerrainContact A/T 3 items
  70. TerrainContact H/T 2 items
  71. Tormenta H/T FSR305 1 item
  72. Trail Terrain T/A 3 items
  73. UN66 1 item
  74. Ventus ST RH06 4 items
  75. WildPeak A/T3W 2 items
  76. Wildpeak H/T02 2 items
  77. Workhorse AT 1 item
  78. Workhorse HT 2 items
  79. Wrangler Steadfast HT 2 items
  80. X Fit Hp La41 1 item
  81. X-Ice Snow 1 item
  82. ZG02 1 item
  83. Ziex S/TZ05 3 items
  84. iMove Gen2 SUV 1 item
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3. We also would like to highlight the Yokohama Tires-Geolandar A/T G015. This tire is formulated with an Enduro-Compound that optimizes elasticity that provides astounding grip in rainy and snowy conditions. The Endurocore construction of this tire also provides enhanced durability that allows your vehicle to withstand heavier carrying loads. You will also find that this tire has a multi pitch tread which eliminates road noise and ensures you have a quiet, comfortable ride.

4. This list would be incomplete without the Michelin Tires-Defender LTX M/S. This iconic tire is formulated with Michelin’s Evertread compound that ensures all season durability with its symmetric tread design and 3-D Active Sipes. This tire features an added bonus in the MaxTouch Construction that provides the tire with a contact patch which evenly disperses braking, cornering, and speeding forces for optimal traction and tread wear.

What Size Rim Does a 285 45R22 Tire Need?

You can usually tell the rim size of a tire by looking at the tire diameter. In the case of the 285 45R22 tire, the rim diameter is 22 inches.

When a tire and rim are designed, engineers take various factors into account to create a rim and tire combination that allows for proper fitment and coverage of the tire. This is considered the stock configuration for the vehicle. If you are upgrading, this stock configuration may be out of the realm of the 285 45R22s fitment, and that could cause things like rubbing, misalignment, and other concerns which could affect the lifespan of your tire. When in doubt, always feel free to check with your friendly tire experts at Discounted WHeel Warehouse!

Fun fact: most vehicles’ stock tire configurations can be found on an identifier tag within the front door jam of the vehicle. This tag has information like stock tire size, tire pressure minimum and maximum, and other helpful info. If you have an older model car, you can give the stock numbers a look to see if there has been a tire modification already.

How Tall Is A 285 45R22 Tire?

If you are purchasing a new 285 45R22 it’s important to have a basic understanding of its size. This particular tire has a sidewall height of 5 inches. In case you are unfamiliar, the sidewall of the tire is the part of the tire that is between the hubcaps, rims and tread. Every tire has two sidewalls: one that is visible to you and one that is located under the car’s undercarriage.

Best Place To Buy 285 45R22 Tires Online

With all of the options available to you online, we know you are looking for the best place to buy your new set of 285 45R22 Tires. For the best, you can look no further than Discounted Wheel Warehouse! We recommend coming to us for all of your tire and wheel needs because of our vast selection, our ridiculously low prices, our great tire and wheel packages and our highly knowledgeable experts.

We also consider a good set of tires to be a wise investment in your on-the-road safety, which is why we offer a multitude of financing and leasing options for our customers no matter their income or credit level so that finances are not a barrier for having a high-quality set of tires that give you a comfortable, smooth and safe ride.


How Long Do Tires Last On a Car Usually?

Of course the answer to this depends on the wear and tear your tire experiences and how diligent you are with maintenance, but generally tires last between 50,000 to 60,000 miles. We encourage you to partake in routine tire maintenance to make them last as long as possible.

Can You Buy Tires Online and Have Them Installed Professionally?

Yes you can! This method of purchasing tires is becoming more popular and this is something that a majority of our customers do. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, you can get free and fast shipping on all orders.

What Are Some Of The Top Discount Tire Brands?

Our lineup of the top discount tire brands that carry the 265 70R17 size includes tires from Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Ironman. These brands have a reputation for producing reliable tires with the endurance to carry today's light truck vehicles and their loads.