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What Is The Best 225/65R17 Tire Brand Out Right Now?

If you are in the market for the best 225/65R17 tires, you came to the right place! At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have an extensive collection to choose from. This particular tire is great for crossover vehicles and is designed to provide low tread noise, lasting tread life, a comfortable ride, and relatively impressive handling capabilities on wet surfaces. The 225 65R17 tire is a hybrid tire that can drive on both wet and dry surfaces, making it an optimal tire for those who partake in long treks through tough environments. Below is a list of highlights from our extensive collection of discounted tires.

The first tire we would like to highlight is the highly rated Michelin Tires-Latitude Tour HP. It is formulated with an all season tread compound that allows for a balanced traction. The Secure Lock Tread Blocks offers an innovative technology that allows for optimal performance when braking and accelerating. This tire is durable while offering a premium, comfortable ride.

Our next highlight is the aptly named Hercules Tires-Avalanche RT. This is a winter tire that is equipped to handle harsh winter conditions with its snow grip technology. It also features a triple polymer cold weather compound that enhances traction, steering and handling in extreme winter weather.

The Nexen Tires-Roadian HTX2 is known for its long-lasting highway mileage and is a great choice for an all season 225 65R17 tire. It is proven to be a great tire to keep you safe in wet, winter weather with its 3D sipes that optimize traction and dual sidewall design. This tire is also a budget friendly choice that doesn't compromise on the quality that you deserve.

Another tire we would like to recommend is the Continental Tires-CrossContact ATR. This is a budget friendly tire that is good for off-road and on-road use. It also has a robust internal construction that allows your vehicle to handle heavy loads, tough terrains and extreme weather.

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  1. AVID S33 3 items
  2. Advantage Control 3 items
  3. Advantage T/A Sport LT 6 items
  4. Alenza A/S 02 2 items
  5. Alenza AS Ultra 2 items
  6. All Country HT 1 item
  7. All Season 2 items
  8. All-Terrain T/A KO2 4 items
  9. Altimax 365AW 2 items
  10. Altimax Arctic 12 1 item
  11. Altimax RT45 4 items
  12. Aria AH7 3 items
  13. Assurance A/S 3 items
  14. Assurance CS Fuel Max 2 items
  15. Assurance ComfortDrive 2 items
  16. Assurance Finesse 2 items
  17. Assurance MaxLife 2 items
  18. Assurance WeatherReady 2 items
  19. Avalanche RT 1 item
  20. Avid Ascend LX 3 items
  21. Avid Touring S 3 items
  22. Blizzak DM-V2 1 item
  23. Blizzak LM-80 1 item
  24. Blizzak WS90 1 item
  25. CS5 Grand Touring 2 items
  26. CS5 Ultra Touring 3 items
  27. Cavalry 4X4 HP 1 item
  28. Celsius II 4 items
  29. Courser Quest Plus 3 items
  30. Courser Trail 1 item
  31. Courser Trail AT 2 items
  32. CrossClimate 2 2 items
  33. CrossContact LX 3 items
  34. CrossContact LX25 4 items
  35. Crosstek2 1 item
  36. Crugen HP71 2 items
  37. Crugen HT51 2 items
  38. Defender 2 3 items
  39. Destination A/T2 2 items
  40. Destination LE 2 4 items
  41. Destination LE3 2 items
  42. Discoverer AT3 4S 2 items
  43. Discoverer EnduraMax 5 items
  44. Discoverer SRX 2 items
  45. Discoverer True North 1 item
  46. Driveguard Plus 2 items
  47. Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia 2 items
  48. Dueler H/P Sport AS 2 items
  49. Dynapro AT2 Extreme RF12 1 item
  50. Dynapro HP2 RA33 4 items
  51. Dynapro HT RH12 6 items
  52. ER800 1 item
  53. Eco Dynamic 1 item
  54. Ecopia H/L 422 Plus 4 items
  55. Edge Touroing A/S 1 item
  56. Encounter HT2 1 item
  57. Endeavor Plus 6 items
  58. Energy Saver A/S 3 items
  59. Erange EV Ecosphere 1 item
  60. Evolution Winter 1 item
  61. Extensa A/S II 5 items
  62. G FIT AS 5 items
  63. GR906 1 item
  64. Geolandar A/T G015 4 items
  65. Geolandar CV G058 2 items
  66. Geolandar G91 2 items
  67. Geolandar G91A 3 items
  68. Geolandar G91AV 1 item
  69. Geolandar M/T G003 1 item
  70. Glacier Trex 1 item
  71. Grandtrek Pt20 2 items
  72. Grandtrek ST30 2 items
  73. Grandtrek St30 Nrt 1 item
  74. HP-M3 1 item
  75. HTR A/S P03 1 item
  76. HTR Enhance LX2 2 items
  77. HiCity HH2 1 item
  78. I FIT ICE LW71 1 item
  79. Integrity 2 items
  80. Kenetica Touring A/S KR217 1 item
  81. Kinergy 4S2 H750 2 items
  82. Kinergy GT H436 1 item
  83. Kinergy PT H737 4 items
  84. Kinergy ST H735 6 items
  85. Klever S/T KR52 1 item
  86. LXHT-206 1 item
  87. Laredo Cross Country Tour 3 items
  88. MS932 Sport 1 item
  89. Matrix Tour RS 1 item
  90. Maxtour LX 1 item
  91. N5000 Platinum 1 item
  92. NPriz AH5 4 items
  93. NPriz RH7 2 items
  94. NT421Q 4 items
  95. Nexen Roadian GTX 1 item
  96. Nomad Grappler 4 items
  97. ONE 1 item
  98. Open Country A/T III 9 items
  99. Open Country A20 4 items
  100. Open Country A38 4 items
  101. Open Country H/T II 5 items
  102. Open Country Q/T 4 items
  103. Outpost APT 1 item
  104. PRIXADO HT+ 1 item
  105. Patagonia H/T 1 item
  106. Penta 1 item
  107. Pilot Sport 4 SUV 1 item
  108. Primacy A/S 9 items
  109. ProContact TX 2 items
  110. ProControl 5 items
  111. Proxes STIII 2 items
  112. RB SUV 1 item
  113. ROVERCLAW A/T 1 item
  114. ROVERSTAR H/T 1 item
  115. Roadian GTX 3 items
  116. Roadian HTX2 3 items
  117. Roadtour 655 1 item
  118. Roadtour 855 SPE 1 item
  121. SOLARUS AS 2 items
  122. SRT Touring 2 items
  123. SU318 HWY 1 item
  124. Scorpion A/T Plus 2 items
  125. Scorpion ATR 3 items
  126. Sincera SN250 A/S 3 items
  127. Solarus A/S 1 item
  128. Solus HA31 1 item
  129. Solus KH16 2 items
  130. Solus KL21 2 items
  131. Solus TA51a 2 items
  132. Stratus A/S 2 items
  133. Tiger Paw Touring A/S 3 items
  134. Touring 1 item
  135. Trail Terrain T/A 4 items
  136. TrueContact Tour 2 items
  137. Turanza Quiettrack 2 items
  138. UN99 1 item
  139. Ultra Grip SUV ROF 1 item
  140. VikingContact 7 1 item
  141. WXI 1 item
  142. Weathergrip 2 items
  143. Weatherguard AS710 Sport 1 item
  144. Weatherpeak 2 items
  145. WildPeak A/T3W 3 items
  146. Wildpeak A/T Trail 3 items
  147. Winguard Winspike 3 1 item
  148. Winter icept evo3 SUV W330A 1 item
  149. Winter ipike X SUV W429A 2 items
  150. WinterPeak F-ICE 1 1 item
  151. Winterforce 2 UV 1 item
  152. Wrangler Fortitude HT 1 item
  153. Wrangler Steadfast HT 2 items
  154. Wrangler Workhorse AT 4 items
  155. X FIT HT 4 items
  156. X Fit Hp La41 1 item
  157. X-Ice Snow 2 items
  158. ZG02 1 item
  159. Ziex CT60 A/S 3 items
  160. iMove PT 1 item
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The Ironman Tires-GR906 is another 225 65R17 tire that we love because it enhances all season touring performance. This tire is engineered with a rubber compound that minimizes rolling resistance for optimal fuel efficiency. It also has optimized tread elements that reduce road noise, give greater stability and an increased traction.

We are big fans of the Goodyear Tires-Wrangler Workhorse AT. This tire is a crowd pleaser because it is so versatile with its ability to perform in all seasons and on/off road. The Wrangler Workhouse features a rugged tread pattern with large blocks and open grooves that allows for efficient traction when on the road. It is also Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rated, allowing this tire to perform efficiently in harsh winter conditions.

Our last recommendation is from one of our favorite tire brands. The Bridgestone Tires-Alenza AS Ultra is a good choice for your new set of 225 65R17 tires. This is a premium brand tire that features an improved braking performance, QuietTrack technology that creates a quiet, comfortable ride and a long, durable tread life.

What Does The 225 Stand For In a Tire Size?

You may have seen a string of numbers along the sidewall of your tire and are wondering what it means. These actually describe the main measurements and capacities of the tire in a quick way for places like us so we don't have to measure your tire. You can think of it in the same way you would a gourmet Chef's spice rack.

If we take the 225 65R17 for example, this code tells us that the tire has a total width of 225 millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. Next is the 65 which indicates a 65% aspect ratio. The aspect ratio measures the height of the sidewall compared to the width. The 17 at the end of the code indicates that the tire has a 17 inch diameter. This particular number tells us that the bead of this tire will only allow a 17 inch rim to fit on it.

Also, depending on the style of the tire as is the case with an All-season tire or All-terrain tire, there will be a separate letter or marking that denotes what style of the tire it is rated for, like snow or mud. That indicates the tire is designed specifically to perform well in that type of terrain. The more you know!

Purchasing the right size tires can ensure that the life of your tire lasts much longer because it optimizes fuel efficiency, maintains optimal performance, and ensures maximum safety. If you have oversized tires they may look cool but you run the risk of putting undue stress on them which may cause you to have to replace them sooner than you want.

Best Place To Buy 225 65R17 Tires Online

We are proud to say that the best place to buy 225 65R17 tires online is Discounted Wheel Warehouse! We aren't just tooting our own horns when we say this, we are the best because of our commitment to customer service, our highly knowledgeable staff and our low prices. We make finding you the best deals on discounted tires our business and pass our wholesale savings on to you.

At Discounted Wheel warehouse, you can purchase complete wheel and tire packages. Every package includes 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted balanced and fast, reliable shipping right to your door!

We also consider a good set of tires to be an investment in your on-the-road safety, which is why we offer a multitude of financing and leasing options for our customers no matter their income or credit level so that finances are not a barrier for having a high-quality set of tires.

Factors to consider when buying 225/65R17 tires

To get the best performance, safety, and value for your car, you need take into account a number of important criteria when buying 225/65R17 tires. Determine your driving requirements and circumstances first. Ascertain whether you need specialised, all-terrain, or all-season tires. Traction on various surfaces is substantially influenced by tire type and tread design. Next, think about the brand's reputation and tire quality. Established brands frequently provide higher performance, lifespan, and dependability.

The speed rating and load capacity of your tires must meet or exceed those of your vehicle. While the proper speed rating assures safe operation at your specified speeds, an adequate load capacity enables safe handling. An additional important factor is fuel economy. In order to increase gas mileage and save pollutants, look for tires with low rolling resistance.


What can I do to make my tires last longer?

Diligent tire care is essential for making your tires last longer! To extend the life of your tires, we recommend checking your tire pressure monthly, getting your tires rotated about every 5,000 miles, checking your alignment twice a year and getting your wheels balanced. Pro tip: a good time to get your wheels balanced is when you are getting your tires rotated.

Is It Worth Buying Tires Online?

Yes it is! Not only do you have the ease of shopping for tires from the comfort of your own home, but you can compare tire types and prices to ensure you are getting the best deal and the right tires to suit your needs. Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers fast, reliable shipping on all tire packages making purchasing new tires as easy as clicking a button.

What Company Has The Best Tire Deals?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse takes pride in offering the best tire deals on the market. We sell some of the best discount tire brands including Cooper, Michelin, BFGoodrich & more.

What types of terrain are suitable for 225 65r17 all-terrain tires?

For gravel, dirt roads, paved roads, mild mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrain, 225/65R17 all-terrain tires are appropriate.

How do 225 65r17 all-terrain tires perform compared to dedicated off-road tires?

All-terrain tires in the size 225/65R17 provide a good blend of comfort on the road and off-road capabilities. They function admirably on a range of surfaces, including gravel, dirt, and mild mud, while continuing to function admirably on paved roads. However, they could have some restrictions in comparison to specifically designed off-road tires.

Are there any limitations to using 225 65r17 all-terrain tires on paved roads?

The 225/65R17 size of all-terrain tires offers a solid balance of on-road comfort and off-road performance. They continue to perform wonderfully on paved roads and perform admirably on a variety of conditions, including gravel, dirt, and moderate mud. In contrast to particularly made off-road tires, they could have some limitations.

Can 225 65r17 all-season tires be used for occasional light off-roading?

225/65R17 all-terrain tires have certain limits on roads but are effective on diverse terrains. All-season tires are less competent than specifically designed off-road tires, yet they are acceptable for occasional mild off-road driving.

Do 225 65r17 all-season tires have a noticeable impact on fuel efficiency?

Yes, the 225/65R17 all-season tires' potential for increased rolling resistance in comparison to more fuel-efficient tire selections can have an influence on fuel economy.

Can I mix different tire types within the 225 65 r17 size?

It is typically not advised to mix tire types of the same size, such as 225/65R17. It may result in changes in handling, traction, and performance, which might have an impact on stability and safety. For constant and predictable driving behaviour, tires of the same kinds, sizes, and tread patterns should be used.

Do 225 65 r17 tires provide better traction compared to smaller sizes?

There are several variables that affect tire traction. Due to increased road contact, wider tires, such those with a 225/65R17 rating, can provide higher grip, particularly while cornering and on dry conditions. However, under some circumstances, smaller sizes with the proper tread pattern and compound can also offer adequate grip.

What is the average cost range for 225 65r17 tires?

225/65R17 tires normally cost between $80 and $200 per tire, depending on the manufacturer and style.