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215/55R17 tires for ultra-high performance and all-season passenger driving needs

Check out our 215 55R17 tires here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, all available at wholesale prices! At our warehouse, you can find a great lineup of 215/55R17 sized tires for your car. 215/55R17 is a common size for all-season performance tires, and 215 55R17 tires have been used on various cars over the years, including certain models from the likes of Nissan or Toyota. Our discount tire store has the best prices on high-performance and grand-touring 215 55R17 passenger tires for your sedan, hatchback, or crossover!

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have several different types of 215 55R17 tires for sale. For drivers in pursuit of performance, we have excellent discounts on high performance 215 55R17 tires that deliver sharp, responsive handling, even in wet conditions at high speeds. A profile height of 55 makes for a shorter sidewall that enhances braking and cornering feedback. Many of our 215 55R17 performance tires are all-season, meaning that they use special tread compounds that can provide traction even in cold winter temperatures. These tires may contain a Z in the size code, as in 215/55ZR17. The Z means that the tire is capable of sustaining speeds higher than 149 mph, and will have a speed rating of W or Y.

We also have great bargains on all-season grand-touring 215 55R17 tires, sometimes called premium touring or touring-performance tires. These tires are also designed for traction and stability in wet, dry, or light snow conditions. They're also optimized for low ride noise, driver comfort, low rolling resistance, and uniformity. Grand-touring 215 55R17 tires tend to improve fuel efficiency and generally have longer treadwear mileage in order to provide you with the best value.

When shopping for 215 55R17 tires, you may also find that the size sometimes starts with a P, as in P215/55R17. The "P" at the start simply means the tire is P-metric and was built using American load standards, while 215/55R17 tires without the "P" are Euro-metric and built using European load standards. 215/55R17 and P215/55R17 tires are equivalent in dimensions and roughly similar in construction, with a Euro-metric 215/55R17 tire having slightly higher load capacity than a P-metric P215/55R17 tire of the same load index. This means that if your car originally came with P215/55R17-sized stock tires, it's possible to replace them with a set of 215/55R17 tires.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have great prices on quality 215 55R17 tires for mid-size and full-size cars. We carry 215 55R17 tires from many different brands, including Fullway, Firestone, Goodyear, and other great tire manufacturers. Whether you're upsizing from 16-inch to 17-inch, or just need replacement tires to get your car back on the road, our tire experts can help you get the most savings on your purchase of 215/55R17-sized tires for your hatchback or sedan.

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  • Load Index
    • 93 (10)
    • 94 (73)
    • 98 (26)
  • Speed Rating
    • H (26)
    • S (2)
    • T (10)
    • V (55)
    • W (25)
    • Y (1)
106 Tires Found
  • Fullway Tires HP108
    Fullway Tires HP108
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Achilles Tires 2233
    Achilles Tires 2233
    Size: P215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Lionhart Tires LH-503
    Lionhart Tires LH-503
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Green Max Tires Traveler UHP
    Green Max Tires Traveler UHP
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Vercelli Tires Strada II
    Vercelli Tires Strada II
    Size: P215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Accelera Tires Phi R
    Accelera Tires Phi R
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Lexani Tires LXUHP-207
    Lexani Tires LXUHP-207
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Leao Tires Lion Sport HP
    Leao Tires Lion Sport HP
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Travelstar Tires UN33
    Travelstar Tires UN33
    Size: P215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Nankang Tires SP-9 Cross Sport
    Nankang Tires SP-9 Cross Sport
    Starting at: $58.42
  • Delinte Tires DH2
    Delinte Tires DH2
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Westlake Tires SA07 Sport
    Westlake Tires SA07 Sport
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Milestar Tires MS932 Sport
    Milestar Tires MS932 Sport
    Starting at: $59.39
  • Americus Tires Sport HP
    Americus Tires Sport HP
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:94     Speed:W
  • Patriot Tires RB-1 Plus
    Patriot Tires RB-1 Plus
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:98     Speed:W
  • Nankang Tires NS-25 All Season UHP
    Nankang Tires NS-25 All Season UHP
    Starting at: $61.61
  • Radar Tires Dimax AS-8
    Radar Tires Dimax AS-8
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Ironman Tires GR906
    Ironman Tires GR906
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:H
  • Roadone Tires Cavalry UHP
    Roadone Tires Cavalry UHP
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:W
  • Milestar Tires Weatherguard AW365
    Milestar Tires Weatherguard AW365
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:98     Speed:H
  • Kumho Tires Solus TA31
    Kumho Tires Solus TA31
    Starting at: $68.54
  • Ironman Tires iMove Gen2 AS
    Ironman Tires iMove Gen2 AS
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Nexen Tires NPriz AH5
    Nexen Tires NPriz AH5
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:H
  • Nankang Tires AS-1
    Nankang Tires AS-1
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Falken Tires Ziex ZE950 A/S
    Falken Tires Ziex ZE950 A/S
    Starting at: $76.33
  • GT Radial Tires Maxtour LX
    GT Radial Tires Maxtour LX
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Nexen Tires NPriz AH8
    Nexen Tires NPriz AH8
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Firestone Tires FR710
    Firestone Tires FR710
    Size: P215/55R17
    Load:93     Speed:S
  • Nexen Tires NFera AU7
    Nexen Tires NFera AU7
    Size: 215/55ZR17
    Load:94     Speed:W
  • Nexen Tires CP671
    Nexen Tires CP671
    Starting at: $84.82
  • Nexen Tires Aria AH7
    Nexen Tires Aria AH7
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:H
  • Kelly Tires Edge A/S
    Kelly Tires Edge A/S
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Uniroyal Tires Tiger Paw Touring A/S
    Uniroyal Tires Tiger Paw Touring A/S
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Kumho Tires Ecsta PA51
    Kumho Tires Ecsta PA51
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:W
  • Firestone Tires All Season
    Firestone Tires All Season
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:H
  • Firestone Tires Winterforce 2
    Firestone Tires Winterforce 2
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:S
  • Toyo Tires Extensa A/S II
    Toyo Tires Extensa A/S II
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:H
  • Goodyear Tires Eagle Sport All-Season
    Goodyear Tires Eagle Sport All-Season
    Size: 215/55R17
    Load:94     Speed:V
  • Pirelli Tires Cinturato P7 A/S Plus
    Pirelli Tires Cinturato P7 A/S Plus
    Starting at: $97.20
  • Bridgestone Tires Ecopia EP422 Plus
    Bridgestone Tires Ecopia EP422 Plus
    Starting at: $98.38
106 Tires Found
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