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Discounted Wheel Warehouse is known for having the best deals on tires and rims both online and in Fullerton, CA. But did you know that we are one of the best places to get one of the less common All-Season tire sizes in the car world, the 215/60R16 tire? When you are browsing our warehouse, you will be happy to find a massive assortment of All-Season 215/60R16 tires in our discounted tire selection.

While most modern vehicles no longer carry the 215/60R16 as a tire application, a handful of minivans like the Honda Odyssey have kept them as the mainstay. The tire size itself is an ok tire size that allows for a level of handling and performance that smaller tires are not capable of giving. And while they are less advanced than their replacement, the 17inch tire still keeps the vehicles they are applied to moving without fail.

Most of the minivans that this tire is still applied to are given All-Season tires. These are tires that use special tread compounds that help them combat freezing temperatures and provide better traction in cold winter environments. With their specially designed tread patterns, they are also rated to perform well on wet surfaces or in muddy terrain. While most All-Season tires will say they are All-Season on the sidewall, the best way to determine if you are looking at an All-Season is to look at the code. If there is a W and an M stamped near the tire’s measurement size, then more than likely it is an All-Season tire.

So whether you are looking for a replacement set of 215/60R16s, or maybe a spare set to have on hand for your Odessey or minivan, you can be sure you will find the best of this tire size at discounted prices with us.

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  3. Advantage Control 6 items
  4. All Season 2 items
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  6. Altimax Arctic 12 1 item
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  9. Assurance A/S 3 items
  10. Assurance ComfortDrive 2 items
  11. Assurance MaxLife 2 items
  12. Assurance WeatherReady 2 items
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  14. Avenger M8 1 item
  15. Avid Ascend GT 4 items
  16. Avid Ascend LX 3 items
  17. Avid Touring S 2 items
  18. Blizzak WS90 1 item
  19. CS5 Grand Touring 1 item
  20. CS5 Ultra Touring 4 items
  21. CT-1 1 item
  22. Cavalry A/S 1 item
  23. Celsius 4 items
  24. Celsius II 4 items
  25. Champiro Touring A/S 2 items
  26. ContiProContact 4 items
  27. Courser Quest 2 items
  28. Cross Climate 2 A/W 1 item
  29. CrossClimate 2 3 items
  30. Defender 2 3 items
  31. Discoverer True North 1 item
  32. ER800 1 item
  33. Ecopia EP422 Plus 2 items
  34. Edge A/S 1 item
  35. Edge Touroing A/S 1 item
  36. Endeavor 7 items
  37. Enduro HP 1 item
  38. Evolution Winter 1 item
  39. Extensa A/S II 5 items
  40. G FIT AS 5 items
  41. GR906 1 item
  42. GT-AS SRI 1 item
  43. Geolandar A/T G015 3 items
  44. Geolandar G900 2 items
  45. Glacier Trex 1 item
  46. HP-M3 1 item
  47. HP010 Plus 1 item
  48. HTR A/S P03 1 item
  49. HiCity HH2 2 items
  50. I FIT ICE LW71 1 item
  51. Kenetica Touring A/S KR217 1 item
  52. Kinergy 4S2 H750 2 items
  53. Kinergy GT H436 10 items
  54. Kinergy PT H737 7 items
  55. Kinergy ST H735 6 items
  56. LH-501 3 items
  57. LXTR-203 1 item
  58. MS932 Sport 1 item
  59. Maximus M2 1 item
  60. Maxtour All Season 1 item
  61. Maxtour LX 1 item
  62. NPriz AH5 4 items
  63. NPriz AH8 3 items
  64. ONE 1 item
  65. Observe GSi-6 1 item
  66. Octa 1 item
  67. Optimo H426 3 items
  68. P4 Persist AS Plus 6 items
  69. Perfectus FSR602 1 item
  70. ProContact TX 2 items
  71. ProControl 5 items
  72. PureContact LS 2 items
  73. RB-12 1 item
  74. RP18 1 item
  75. SDL Sport 1 item
  76. SDL Sport A/S 1 item
  77. SOLARUS AS 3 items
  78. SP Sport 5000 1 item
  79. SP Sport 7000 A/S 1 item
  80. SRT Touring 1 item
  81. Sincera SN201 A/S 1 item
  82. Sincera SN250 A/S 6 items
  83. Sincera SN250A A/S 5 items
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  86. Solus TA11 1 item
  87. Solus TA31 1 item
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  90. Stratus A/S 3 items
  91. Stratus AS 1 item
  92. Tiger Paw Touring A/S 6 items
  93. Tour A/S 1 item
  94. Touring 1 item
  95. TrueContact Tour 4 items
  96. Turanza Quiettrack 2 items
  97. UN99 1 item
  98. UX Royale 1 item
  99. Ultragrip Performance Plus 1 item
  100. Vezda Touring A/S KR205 1 item
  101. VikingContact 7 1 item
  102. WXI 1 item
  103. Weathergrip 2 items
  104. Weatherguard AS710 Sport 1 item
  105. Weatherguard AW365 1 item
  106. Weatherpeak 3 items
  107. Winguard Winspike 3 1 item
  108. Winter ipike X W429 2 items
  109. WinterPeak F-ICE 1 1 item
  110. Winterforce 2 1 item
  111. X-Ice Snow 2 items
  112. XSPORT-86 1 item
  113. Ziex ZE960 A/S 2 items
  114. iMove Gen2 AS 1 item
  115. iMove Gen3 AS 1 item
  116. iMove PT 1 item
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215 60R16 Tires, Best for All Season?

What is the best 215/60R16 All-Season tire?

Well, there are a few and they are broken down into a few increments; Best overall, Overall, Runner up, Money is no object, and best value tire.

So let us start with the best All-Season tire for the money, the Yokohama Avid Ascend GT. At a price tag of $115 dollars and up for a single tire, this one is a prime money saver from the get-go. Couple that with a rubber compound that uses the TriBlend technology, a mixture of Silica and low Tg-Polymer, and the result is a tire that grips the roads well in both wet and dry conditions. This tire is also designed with a symmetric tread pattern that aids in grip and traction through a plethora of conditions and provides reliable contact with whatever surface it is touching.

Now for the best All-Season tire if money is no object, the Michelin Primacy Tour A/S. Coming in at one of the priciest All-Season tires on the market, with a price tag of $250+, this tire works for its value. Michelin delivers an innovative tread compound that is reinforced with silica and designed to maintain superior ride quality, durability, and efficiency. This compound allows the tire to perform well in cold and hot weather, maintaining flexibility and traction throughout varying degrees of conditions.

What is our choice for the best All-Season overall runner-up? The Continental PureContact LS. This tire combines temperature-activated polymers, an asymmetric tread pattern, both circumferential and lateral grooves, and siped shoulders that all work together to allow the tire to boot fuel efficiency, lateral grip, and high-speed stability. What’s the price tag come to for a ride like this? Around $200apiecee.

And finally, we come to the best All-Season tire Overall, the Michelin CrossClimate 2. Coming in at $160 apiece, this tire steals the Best Overall title due to its Thermal Adaptive All-Season tread compound, Piano Noise Reduction Tuning technology, 3D Sipelock Technology, and two-polyester casing that supports dual steel belts. This tire V Ramp chamfers help it create load contact with road surfaces while under a load, giving it great traction in all climates for performance and handling. Most All-Season tires do not compare to their weather-specific counterparts, but this tire comes close.

What You Need to Know about 215 60R16 Tires

Tire sizes on vehicles are directly determined by the vehicle’s purpose, weight, and intended performance. Vehicles that are heavy, like a minivan, or are designed to perform in situations like hard cornering and hard breaking require a larger tire in order to maximize their capabilities, in this case, the 215/60R16 is a decent tire that is designed with a slightly taller sidewall than a 17-inch tire and can allow for some tire roll on light vehicles.

What are 215/60R16 tires, and what does that mean anyway?

When you say 215/60R16, what you are doing is reciting an identification code that describes the measurements of the tire in a quick fashion so tire places, like us, do not have to measure them every time we are searching for a tire.

This code is broken down into segments; the tire width (the surface area of the tire in millimeters, from tread wall to tread wall or footprint), Aspect ratio (which is the profile height of the sidewall of the tire in the percentage of the tire width), type of tire, and finally wheel diameter (rim size).

What does that entail for our 215/60R16 tire?

Well, that means that the tire has a total width of 215 millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. Next, we have the number 55, which translates into a 60% aspect ratio of the tire, which means the height of the sidewall is 60% of the tire’s overall width. The type of tire is indicated as R, which stands for radial (most tires today are made as a radial tire and will be marked as such.) And finally, we come to tire diameter or rim size, which is 116 for this tire. That indicates that the bead of this tire will allow it to fit onto a 16-inch rim only.

215 60R16 FAQS

What is the best discount tire shop?

The best discount tire shops are associated with Discounted Wheel Warehouse

What are the top discount tire brands?

Falken,Cooper, and Goodyear are just some of the best discount tire brands available.

Discount tire prices - Who has the lowest?

Discount Wheel Warehouse has the best discount tire prices available on the market.

We carry Complete Wheel & Tire packages, and fast shipping right to your door!

All packages include: 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted balanced shipped fast right to your door