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Dub Wheels and Dub Rims at Wholesale Prices

DUB Wheels and DUB Rims

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is proud to sell the revolutionary Dub Rims. All-in-one design Spinning Rims and Chrome Wheels all-in-one Design. All Dub Spinners come with Wheels, Spinners, Tires and Fast shipping right to your door. With sizes 18 in FWD - Front Wheel Drive all the way to a Monster 26 inch RWD - Rear Wheel Drive Dub Spinner! Also size 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and 24 inch. For Spinning rims all-in-one combo Dub Wheels is the choice. Excellent Quality and superior manufacturing makes Dub Wheels the choice. Unique engineering and development make this the ideal spinner. The spinner is built specifically for the wheel. It doesn't get better then this, tailor made spinners and affordable.

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